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Better Leadership. Better Politics. Better Solutions.

Utah deserves a senator who will prioritize the needs, values and goals of our state to ensure that we don’t miss opportunities to be better. It takes more than words—it takes experience and hard work to get things done that benefit Utah families and businesses. It takes civility and a track record of bringing people together to make progress in Washington the “Utah Way.” And it takes an understanding of the very real problems and opportunities we face to fight for conservative solutions that help our state grow and thrive.

As Utah’s next U.S. Senator, I will move Utah forward with better leadership, better politics, and better solutions that put families and businesses first to achieve a brighter, healthier, more inclusive, cleaner, and more prosperous tomorrow.

Valuing people, goals, and better politics

Families First

Families are the foundation of our communities, our businesses, and our workforce. Building healthy families with access to stable housing, nutritious food, and preventative health care is essential for a happy and more equitable society. As Utah continues its rapid growth, we must have a seat at the table in Washington to develop free-market solutions that support our growing population and create equal and abundant opportunities to meet the everyday needs of all Utah families.

Health Care

Access to good health care is essential for every person to work and provide for their families. I support competition, innovation, price transparency, and protection from surprise billing as tools to increase access and reduce the cost of health care. I also support telehealth solutions to increase mental and behavioral health services.


Education prepares our children to become the future leaders of our state, and there is no better investment we can make than our kids. Utah students deserve a top-notch education no matter who they are or where in our state they live. Local control — Education is the responsibility of states and I believe in local control for our state and district boards. As your Senator, I would support less federal control over standardized testing. Funding — I support Trust Land Exchanges which have increased Utah’s public school funding by more than $441 million dollars. This funding can only be generated by a federal exchange but is managed by School Community Councils, the most local way to see funds in our children’s classrooms.


Housing stability improves physical, mental, and behavioral health while improving education and career outcomes. I support housing solutions that reduce strains on resources and grow strong employment ecosystems.


Our future success depends on strong systems for transportation, water, and energy access, and I will support policies that efficiently build toward the future.


Immigration is a challenging issue that deserves sensitivity and nuance. We must create policies that both ensure the safety of America and provide rules for those who wish to enter, including the workers that our agricultural and tourism-based economies need to do business and thrive. I believe in solutions that support strong families and the well-being of Utah children and that respect and maximize opportunities for immigrants to flourish.

Taking Care of Business

When we take care of people, we build strong employment ecosystems to ensure our businesses can hire and retain high quality employees and Utahns have equal and abundant access to good quality jobs. In addition, we must ensure that Utah businesses are empowered to innovate, overcome barriers, and pursue opportunities for long term growth and success.

Economic Opportunity

Businesses and local communities have the solutions to systemic issues that hamper economic opportunity. I will support and enable their efforts to improve workforce development, childcare, workplace protections, and paid family leave to create more opportunities for Utahns to prosper.

Sidelined Industries

Utah’s top industries, including technology and outdoor recreation, must have a voice at the table and a champion in Washington to help them succeed.

Rural Economy

Our rural communities are a treasured part of our state and we need to ensure they have everything they need to grow and progress. As market forces drive economic shifts, we must support initiatives that promote long-term opportunities and lasting jobs that keep kids at home and prospering.

Women In The Economy

Utah is currently experiencing a “shecession,” with women leaving the workplace at five times the rate as men. It is vital to provide support and opportunities to women as they contribute in the workplace, within the home, and return to employment as they care for their families.

Environmental Stewardship

Utah is the most beautiful state in America. Our personal health, prosperity, and lifestyle depend on a clean environment, including clean air and abundant water. We can and must protect the environment while also driving innovation, jobs, and economic growth, including in rural areas of the state.

Climate Change

Climate change poses both opportunities and challenges for our state, and we must implement bold solutions to mitigate extreme weather to protect our economy, health, and safety. I support free-market and limited-government solutions that make a greater impact than more burdensome and costly regulations.

Clean Energy

Energy diversity is critical for reducing emissions, building economic opportunities, and increasing energy security. Although fossil fuels will be an important part of the energy mix for a long time to come, I support technological innovation and the growth of clean energy platforms to achieve a cleaner future.


Utahns want water to be plentiful, readily available, and cost-effective in order to support our growing population and economic opportunities. We are also mindful of our environment and want to ensure clean water is available to sustain our beautiful state for years to come. With careful planning and stewardship, Utahns can have enough water to support agriculture, wildlife, and recreation and still provide sufficient water to meet the needs of growing communities. We need to work with our neighboring states to ensure we get our fair share, and Congress must create a broader plan to address our water access issues and long-term viability.

Strengthening Our Democracy

I revere the U.S. Constitution, the limited role it sets for federal government, and the liberties it creates to make America the greatest democracy in the world. Democracy must be defended by a strong military and bolstered by the participation of the people. Democracy must also be supported by an efficient government working for the well-being of our country and by politicians who listen to and prioritize their constituents above partisan bickering.

Term Limits

Term limits are critical to ensuring that our democracy prioritizes the people, not politicians. I not only believe in term limits, I live by them. I stepped down from the Utah House of Representatives, as promised, after ten years and, if elected, I would not serve more than two terms in the U.S. Senate. You have my word.

Supporting Our Troops

Utah is lucky to be home to thousands of active-duty military personnel because of military installations such as Hill Air Force Base. I strongly believe that current service members, veterans, and their families should always be treated with respect and dignity. That means our government should always follow through on the commitments it makes to these national heroes. I honor the service given by Utah veterans and will stand up for them in Washington.

Civic Education

I support expansion of education about civics and the Constitution to engender the civic participation that is crucial to a strong democracy.

Second Amendment

I believe the strength of our country and democracy depend on the protection of our constitutional rights, and I support the Second Amendment. I also believe it is essential to reduce gun violence through gun safety initiatives, mental and behavioral health supports, a ban on public sale of bump stocks, and an updated background check system.

Inclusive Opportunity For All

Everyone should have a seat at the table. I am committed to expanding opportunity and improving the quality of life for all Utahns, especially those who have historically been left out of the conversation. Race, religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and other factors should not limit opportunities or access to education, employment, housing, and healthcare. Together, we can make significant progress toward our nation’s highest ideal of “liberty and justice for all” as we consider steps to expand opportunity and leave a better legacy for the next generation of all Utahns.

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